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Iced tea is 99% water. The water you use to deliver a great tasting iced tea is extremely important. Make sure the water you use is the best it can be by using Everpure filtration solutions. 

Pentair Everpure filtration solutions improve water quality by:

  • Reducing chlorine, chloramines and other unwanted chemicals that can affect the taste and odor of water

  • Reducing cysts and other potentially harmful contaminants

  • Reducing particulates that cause cloudy water

The Impacts of Poor Quality Water On Iced Tea

1. Hardness can cause cloudy tea
  • Minerals prevent the tannins from dissolving properly

3. TDS can cause poor extraction of the solids
  • Over extraction of flavanoids and tannins cause bitterness and leave a “film” on the surface

  • Under extraction leads to weak color and flavor

2. Chlorine alters the aroma and taste
  • It oxidizes the aromatics and solids

  • It increases the acidity. 

4. Scale can cause improper temperatures
  • Too high and tea can taste burnt and bitter

  • Too low and the complex flavors will not be present

The Impacts of Poor Quality Water On Brewing Equipment

1. Corrosion from chlorine and chlorides attacks metals
  • It causes “rust” on surfaces 

  • It disintegrates parts 

3. Scale on elements can increase energy usage by 20% or more.
2. Scale can cause probes and floats to malfunction
  • Under filling can cause short pots

  • Over filling can cause leaks

4. Scale damages boilers
  • It causes pinholes and stress fractures


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EVERPURE® Claris Filtration System
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